Friday, 22 January 2010

Who Are You? - Tukku Tukku or Samson?

Hello to you all Year 5.
For your weekend homework this week I'd like you to write a 'Day-In-The-Life Diary account of your chosen character from the Text we've been working on in English.

Our story comes from a book called: A THIEF IN THE VILLAGE And Other Stories and is written by James Berry.

I'll look forward to reading your diary account of these two characters.

Words for the weekend:

Don't forget to leave your homework in your bag on Sunday evening as you need to hand it in first thing on Monday morning.

Have a great weekend.
Mr Logue


  1. I did my diary acount but it is not that good

  2. I love tukku tukku this is a really great website

  3. What's a diary account?
    Well a diary is something you use to remind you of events that are happening in the future but sometimes people use a diary to write down what happened to them during the day - to kind of remind themselves of what they did. It's a great way to practise writing in the first person and to put yourself in somebody elses shoes - this is known as empathy. I hope this explanation helps you with your homework - good luck and I'll see you all tomorrow.
    Mr Logue.

  4. sir the answer is 29 nora/norris